"el reflejo de una condición inherente al ser humano"

is a three pieces collection: a coffee table, a flowerpot stand and a wall lamp. The conceptual line that dominates this collection is the reflection of an inherent human condition: the constant longing of search for transforming reality.

This constant search results in a contradiction between the natural way in which we appropriate the reality and the form that we want to give it; we transform it and experience it to satisfy the desire to control the nature. This set of objects supports in itself the contradiction of the outside`s inside, the artificial in the natural.

With these three pieces we seek to define a metaphor confronting the relation of similarity with the archetypes of nature. The Binomios collection lays on the table the essential of the natural world of which every time we’re more distant.

binomios wall lamp

The lamp that increases its light intensity by moving the frontal acrilic screen face towards the led ring from right to left, generates an eclipse effect.

The screen color generates a change of environment in the space where it’s placed, having four different screen color options.

The wall support is cut with a CNC cutting machine in solid wood of Tzalam; this one contains the electronic system of the led lamp. The acrilic screen is attached to the mechanism with powder coated metal pieces.

mountain coffee table

The coffee table has a polished marble cover at the top part, and a mountain chain wrought underneath which you can discover by the reflection of the mirror below.

This piece achieves its function when the user reveals this hidden metaphor.

The structure are cold rolled powder coated metal bars welded to plates that support the surfaces. The top cover is sculpted in a marble block named “Monterrey” or “Huichapan” according to the veins of the marble slabs; the low part is cut in mirror.


flowerpot stand

The plant stand multiplies through mirrors the quantity of plants that it supports; in this case, we try to evoke a jungle across a threshold between reflection and reality. Every user has the freedom of evoking the world that he wants to reflect or the escape where he tries to run away, changing the objects contents inside this one.

This piece is a sculptural object since the spectator can circulate around it and every angle reveals a different face.

The base is made of a rectified block of volcanic stone that supports a structure of powder coated metal cubes that contains mirrors inside each of them.