Year: 2017

It was when, an earthquake stroke Mexico triggering in us reflexions around stability. The word entropy comes from the greek (ἐντροπία) and means evolution and transformation. Despite “there is nothing permanent except change”, as Heraclitus said, the stability is a quality that gives us the ability to go forward.

Bookshelves are pieces that resemble architectonic structures, they ought to be strong and stable. With this piece we seek to remark the human capacity to rebuild and reconfigure their reality after chaos.

The materials we used are solid white oak, metal and cast concrete which is a material that despite being sturdy and bold is not commonly used to assemble bookshelves.

Each concrete piece found its own position an form to bring about stability. They are formally inspired on the concrete columns that upholds Periférico’s Second Floor of CDMX and they also recall crutches or props used after the earthquake to support collapsing structures.

Despite its sculptural aspect the bookshelf can be completely assembled due to the joint solution.
With this piece we honor the civil society initiatives for the reconstruction of our city and our communities.