Trama is a three piece collection: an armchair, a coffee table and a side table. Parting from last year’s collection, Binomios, where our pieces intended to bring through metaphors the exterior into the interior, this year we want people to be transported into a space where the limit between the exterior and the interior becomes blurry.

Let ́s picture ourselves in a space where nature invades private spaces, where it becomes an active part in our day to day life. Our pieces live in a place like this, inspired by areas where the limit between inside and outside is not evident: ancient ruins, glass houses, interior patios, terraces, places where we are invaded by a feeling of being content in the exterior. The Espacio Escultórico at UNAM is an example of a structure where we experiment that feeling and it was a source of inspiration for the pieces.


armchair calaca

The Sillón Calaca is an armchair decorated bar a wooden crown. Inspired by Quetzalcóatl, a Mesoamerican deity represented by a snake with a feathered crown, we intended to make people feel content inside a light and ventilated structure.

The structure is made of Huanacaxtle hard wood as well as the crown, upholstery for the seat and cushions may come in different colors of fabric. Ask for the different fabric options


trama tables

The Mesa Trama Low inspired by the Espacio Escultórico of CU, adding a glass piece at the top of the loose pieces which allows to discover the emptiness that leaves the withdrawal of a volume: an ovoid cuts each of the marble pieces, giving them its irregular form, and the invisible volume can be appreciated from any angle.

The 5 units that form the base are sculpted from a single Tikal marble block while the cover top is water cut in 9mm tempered glass.

The Mesa Trama High table emerges from the same idea of bodies cut by an invisible volume. It is a side table, higher than the Mesa BajaTrama, fabricated in solid wood covered by gold foil and a Nube marble on the top.