We are Andrea Flores and Lucía Soto. We have worked designing together since 2010, and in 2014 we founded Comité de Proyectos, a company dedicated to interior design and furniture sales, located in Mexico City.

What we enjoy most about our work is translating emotions and sensations into utilitarian objects and living spaces; that is, internalization. We like to create transcendent, durable and timeless pieces, with a contemporary style working hand in hand in collaboration with craft workshops.

Together with our team of designers and artisans we have developed three collections of sculptural objects that have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Mexico and abroad; and we also have an extensive catalog of furniture for residential and commercial use.

Our thinking is a constant flow between the subjective and the functional, the craft and the market, technique and art.

awards and publishing















Part of Phaidon's compilation in the Woman Made Book.

Ganador Great Women Designers de Phaidon. Lira Table Terrazo (pag.99).2021

Latina Magazine
"The New Generation of Diseñadoras Mexicanas".2021

AD Magazine (21 anniversary)
AD100. A compilation of the one hundred creative characters that are revolutionizing Mexican design and architecture (page 82). June 2021

Restaurant & Bar Product Design Awards Binomios Wall lapm
Winner of the wall lights category.2017

Honorable mention for Esthetic Binomios Collection
Design Week Mexico.2016

talks and exhibitions

Women Entrepreneurship Table Talk / organizado por YES RSID´s Digital Design Festival. 2021 - toronto, can
Lanzamiento Mesa Rosedal / Galería Ángulo Cero - Febrero 2021 - mex
Exhibición Vertice / Tercera edición del programa de vinculación con tecnotabla y casa de las lomas. 2021 - mex
Zona Maco / Ángulo Cero 2020 – mex
Kickstarter Presenta / Abierto Mexicano de Diseño - Noviembre 2020 – mex
Conferencia UAM Azcapotzalco /1er. día en la carrera de Diseño Industrial - Noviembre 2019 - mex
Conferencia / Master class Index design Enero 2019 – montreal, can
Design week / Design house - Octubre 2018 - mex
Kickstarter en World Design Capital CDMX 2018 / Espacio CDMX Agosto- Septiembre 2018 – mex
Wanted Design / NYC Mayo 2018 – usa
Casa Besign / Besign México Febrero, Marzo 2018 – mex
Mexicalidad diseño nuevas generaciones / Museo del Objeto MODO Octubre 2018 – mex
Inédito / Design Week México Octubre 2018 – mex
Visión & Tradición / Design Week México Octubre 2017 – mex
Inédito / Design Week México Octubre 2017 – mex
Kickstarter Presenta / Abierto Mexicano de Diseño Octubre 2017 – mex
Meet My Project / Paris Design Week Septiembre 2017 – francia
Zona Maco / Febrero 2017 – mex
Inédito / Design Week Mexico Octubre 2016 – mex