clarice literary coffee


67 m2

Condesa, CDMX

Project Manager:
Alonso Martínez and Paul Couture

Jaime Navarro

 Interior Design Project | Furniture Design and Manufacture  

Named after Clarice Lispector, the writer, this coffee and bookstore is located a few steps from Parque México in Condesa neighborhood.

The business consists of two main activities, one is the cafeteria which offers a simple menu with freshly baked bread and the other one is the book retailing. The project revolved around merging and integrating both activities.

The space has a roofed open terrace, a main hall, a food and beverage counter, two small storage rooms and a bathroom. It has a single access through the terrace, which is furbished with white oak custom designed dinning tables and Colima dinning chairs.

On the right side of the main hall we placed a booth with dinning tables and chairs below a dark blue wall crowned by the bibliographic citation: “Todo en el mundo empezó con un sí” (Everything in the world started by saying yes” by Clarice. All the other walls are packed with floor-to-ceiling bookcases also in white oak.

Next to the booth, there is a small living room formed by two Guerrero chairs and a side table with a base made of a pink cantera stone laying over a hand woven rug. Every month, the owners recommend a group of titles to their clients, these are displayed on a shelving system called a literary rhyzome which consists on a couple of clamps supported by magnets to a metal plaque on the back.

In the middle of the hall there are two book islands and in the left side of the venue is the food and beverage counter. This counter is ornamented by wooden canes that contrast with the earthy orange wall at the back. The bathroom, located at the back of the space, is covered from floor to ceiling with green lacquered wooden plaques and the lavatory is lightened by a mirror that hangs from the ceiling.

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