akel medical offices


32 m2

Alamos, CDMX

Paulina Campos Hierro

 Interior Design Project | Furniture Design and Manufacture  


This chain specializes in first medical contact and we had the opportunity to design their first office located in Alamos neighborhood in Mexico City. The project reflects the values and ideas of the business model, during its development we worked hand in hand with our client in order to shape the ideas together. We designed a warm, modern yet simple and cozy atmosphere.


One of the biggest challenges of this project (just like with La Campechana) was to achieve wide and functional spaces; since the first beginning we projected open and comfortable areas for the office and the reception both for the patients as well as for the staff. There is a double access for the reception area, one is located in La Coruña street and the second one in Obrero Mundial, therefore we decided to enhance the spaciousness and the light with floor to ceiling windows in both entrances.

For that area we designed a bench with storage underneath, the vinyl flooring pattern was designed by us and inspired in terrazzo. This conductive vinyl floor is mostly used in the hospitality sector because of its properties, helping protect people and electrical equipment from lightning discharge and inhibiting the growth of bacteria. We used a blue color block to frame the reception area that is shared with the doctors office with a storage cabinet.

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