cortile restaurant


190 m2

Pedregal, Ciudad de México

Project Manager:
Daniela Santamaría

Mariana Achach

Interior Design Project | Furniture Design and Manufacture | Styling

Mediterranean food restaurant in Pedregal.

La petición inicial de los clientes fue lograr que el espacio se sintiera más cálido.

The initial request of the clients was to make the space feel warmer.

The restaurant is a 190m2 space inside the Plaza Crater in Pedregal and they felt that the space seemed to be an extension of the same plaza where it is located. They wanted to create an environment that would invite people to come in, relax and enjoy a holistic experience with the food and the extensive wine selection they offer.

The process was partly deconstruction and through working collaboratively with the clients the final request was achieved.

There was a major change in materiality. Earthy and textured finishes, terracotta and beige colors, lots of wood and details that make diners feel at home were incorporated: vases, clay, decorative cushions and details woven in natural fibers where our Lago chair stands out.

In the access area the lattice predominates and creates an impact from the facade, breaking with the materiality of the square, making the restaurant more visible. From the façade, through the windows, you can capture the relaxed approach of the restaurant. One of the windows overlooks the wine cellar from where one can appreciate the extensive selection of wines displayed on solid teak shelves. The main room is luminous and coexists with the bar, it feels like a transition to the terrace which is spacious, with lots of foliage and high ceilings. The landscaping and selection of planters was of great importance to the project and it shows from the moment one enters the place.

Cortile has a capacity for 60 diners who can enjoy different atmospheres.

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