ennea hotel


1,ooo m2

Punta Zicatela, Oaxaca

Project Manager:
Jordi Lagunes Peñalosa | Alejandra Ortega Mulia

Cesar Belio

Interior Design Project | Furniture design and manufacture

Commercial Project

Introducing Ennea, a quaint nine-room hotel nestled in Punta de Zicatela, Oaxaca, featuring a charming restaurant (Enna), pool area, inviting lounge, and a small SPA.

As we intimately understand, Zicatela is witnessing remarkable growth. Reflecting warmly on our first experiences with this beach, back when it was just sand, waves, and a few palm-thatched shelters, we acknowledge the delicate nature of its rapid growth. Now, having blossomed into one of Mexico's premier tourist destinations, we approach our involvement with respect. While we cannot halt the expansion of this area, we can conscientiously choose the projects we embrace.Several factors influenced our decision to join this venture.

Ennea boasts a modest nine-room capacity and is situated over 200 meters from the coastline. Additionally, prioritizing the indigenous population of Oaxaca as our primary clientele aligns with our ethical stance. Furthermore, the project embraces a circular economy ethos, emphasizing collaboration with local artisans and celebrating Oaxacan heritage.

The scope of our involvement in this endeavor was extensive. Collaborating closely with Estudio Jaque, we contributed to wall finishes and developed bespoke carpentry solutions in line with the project's vision. We meticulously curated loose furniture, decorative lighting, rugs, and other objects, infusing each space with character and warmth. Working alongside Chef Rodolfo Castellanos, we curated elements for the Enna restaurant.

Our commitment to sourcing locally was paramount. With 95% of Ennea's materials and furnishings originating from Mexico, we take immense pride in supporting local craftsmanship. From exploring pottery workshops in Atzompa to discovering reed artisans in San Bartolo Coyotepec, every detail reflects our dedication to showcasing the richness of Mexican culture. The woods we chose are from the area, and the production was handled by Luum studio. 95% of the materials and objects in Ennea are made in Mexico, and that fills us with pride.

Our collaboration with esteemed partners was truly enriching. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Estudio Jaque for their receptiveness to innovative ideas, Polen Paisaje and Sombra for their collaborative approach to harmonizing living spaces and greenery, and architect Alfredo for his meticulous attention to detail. Lastly, we express our gratitude to our clients for entrusting Comité and our team with this project, which has been a labor of passion and commitment.