londres apartment


85 m2

Colonia Juárez, CDMX

Project manager:
Alonso Martinez

Diego Berruecos

 Interior Design Project | Furniture Design and Manufacture  

Londres is a two floor apartment with terrace.
Upon entering to the apartment through the ground floor one encounters the kitchen, dining room and living room. These three areas share the same space and this was one of the challenges we faced in the development of the interior design. With the idea of ​​making the most of the space a wall cabinet was designed. It starts from the kitchen, passes through the dining room as a pantry keeping in its interior a small wine/ coffee cellar that can be drawn and ends finally at the living room as a media cabinet; in addition a small storage space and audio cabinet was incorporated into the stairwell.

In this space we include furniture from our catalog such as the Colima chair and the Citlal sofa. The color palette was chosen by keeping in mind the simple and clean design of the designed furniture and the small size of the area. The wall furniture are the same tone as the walls so that they merge and only some natural wood accents were left to generate coziness.

We designed the handrail and the stairs were also adjusted to receive the space beneath it.

Upstairs, the main bathroom was designed where we changed the tones to light colors to achieve more visual sapce. The washbasin cabinet and the mirror were designed and the fixtures were chosen.

In the main bedroom we designed the base of the bed with the headboard that has a small vanity in one of its corners with a light mirror. The colors and fabrics manage to reflect a space of tranquility.

On the terrace we proposed cushions and outdoor furniture. We closed the storage space beneath the bar with wooden doors and ironwork that match the small border fence above the bar.

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