marsella apartment



Colonia Juárez, Ciudad de México

Project Manager:
Alonso Martínez | Alejandra Mulia | María Fernanda Trujillo

Mariana Achach


Interior Design Project | Furniture Design and Manufacture 

During the first conversation we had with the client he said: "Make something you like, I trust you". This project gave us the freedom to experiment with colors, textures, shapes and finishes.

We intervened all the spaces, access, living and dining room, kitchen, laundry area, two bathrooms, closets and two bedrooms.

One of the challenges was the zoning of the areas, we wanted to maintain the amplitude of the space avoiding overcrowding of the areas. We resorted to different solutions; the oak wood floor is interrupted when reaching the kitchen and changes to a brick red cement paste floor, the kitchen cabinet that houses the refrigerator continues outward ending in a storage cabinet for entry, the brick red color is repeated in the dining room wall and the front of the kitchen bar functions as a barrier for backing for the sofa in the living room.

This space consists of a big green velvet L-shape sof with a chaise lounge and an ottoman, a table with storage at the center and a wall-mounted bookcase in front, ending in a low storage bench built along the window.

For the bathrooms we installed cement mosaic tiles with a custom-designed a pattern formed from quarter circles. The walls are lined with green ceramic tile in the guest bathroom and currant for the master bathroom.

The guest room has a bookcase integrated to the desk that turns into a closet when turned around, in this space we placed a Lira bed and some Dumas night table on each side of the bed.

For the master bedroom we designed a bed with a padded headboard that integrates a work space next to the window and a bookcase/TV stand in front with geometric pieces of marble and wood that serve as book ends.