mazatlán apartment



Colonia Condesa, CDMX

Project Manager:
Alonso Martínez
| Alejandra Mulia

Mariana Achach

One of the biggest challenges of this project was to define the storage areas, the spaces were limited and at the same time we had to consider certain storage needs for each area; we intervened by designing closets, kitchen cabinets, built-in cabinets, laundry area, bathroom furniture and bookcases.

The palette of colors and materials we used seeks to create warm and fun spaces without detracting from the brightness of the environment, we applied light blue for the bathroom walls, pistachio green in the kitchen and shades of warm gray for the rest of the spaces.

The first approach we had with our clients was in 2016, we designed some furniture pieces. Later in 2020 they came to us to do the interior design project of their apartment located in Condesa neighborhood, Mexico City.

We worked on the finishes in all areas, for the floor of the entire apartment we chose oak wood and integrated a heating system underneath to regulate the temperature during the colder months.