monte altai house


180 m2

Lomas de Chapultepec

Project Manager:
Adriana Olivares Guizar

Natalia García Etchegaray

Interior Design Project | Furniture design and manufacture

Residential Project


The small houses of Monte Altai, designed by architect Enrique del Moral around the 1940s, are a group of 5 sister houses built side by side. They are only one story high, but we took advantage of the rooftop to adapt it to the new needs of the inhabitants.

The project was designed in a single stage but at the time of implementation we had to divide the process into two.


The first stage was short and limited in time by the birth of a new family member. The baby's room was delivered to be ready for their arrival, and we made some adjustments to the master bedroom. Later we had the opportunity to finish implementing the rest of the design, including the TV room, patio and breakfast nook.

The breakfast nook was a space that served more as a hall between the entrance and the kitchen, and now it is put to better use. The facade was tucked in a little to provide shelter under the roof when it rains. We designed the oak and ribbed glass for the façade, which responds in terms of design to the door that divides the breakfast area and the kitchen. The booth was requested and manufactured in vegan leather.

The patio was another rescued space, giving a second use to this outdoor area with a long concrete bar containing a sink, ice chest and green egg. For the bar's lower storage area, the metal was painted with electrostatic paint in a custom green. The wall tiles and clay floor are handcrafted, and half of the patio was proposed to be a green area with grass and a perimeter planter to make the space feel fresher.

The studio on the second floor was redesigned with the main objective of creating more space to store the extensive collection of books and to create a comfortable and well-lit environment to work in. The perimeter bookcases and the closet were designed and fabricated, and by reusing the yellow sofa, a special space was created.

For the baby's room we designed and fabricated almost all the furniture in white oak wood, complemented with a variety of our line accessories. Finally, on the rooftop we extended the use of the square meters, and were able to project a new TV room with a bookcase and space dividers that run throuugh the space to provide more privacy. On the same floor we conditioned the laundry area and the service room, separating them with a wood panel that also serves as a linen closet.