rimessa store & bar


24 m2

Colonia Condesa, Ciudad de México

Project Manager:
Daniela Santamaría 


Interior Design Project | Furniture Design and Manufacture 

Natural wine store and bar located in the Condesa neighborhood.

In this commercial project we converted a small garage of an old house in Colonia Condesa into a commercial space. The idea was to have an exhibition, sales, wine cellar and wine tasting space; all of this within the 24 m2 of the garage area.


One of the elements that we loved from the beginning was the original black and white checker type floor that we recovered only by polishing it. Another element we wanted to highlight was the arch that crosses the space in the center. We wanted the paint finish on the walls to be washed out to accentuate the idea of a space in use and with as much history as the building itself. Both the display shelves and the central table are solid wood, a little carded and oiled to achieve a similar feel.

It was a collaboration that we really enjoyed as working with friends always makes things more fun. This and the fact that it was such a small and cozy space was what made the project one of our favorites during 2022.