secretaría de marina apartment


Lomas de Vista Hermosa, CDMX

Project Manager:
Maria Fernanda Trujillo

Alum Galvez

Project | Furniture Design and Manufacture  

The main bedroom of this apartment, located in Lomas de Vista Hermosa, Mexico City, needed to be space that provoked calm and peace and at the same time accommodate two new areas besides the bed: one for work and the other for reading. From this we developed the palette of colors and materials

For the reading and relaxation area we proposed a Bludot armchair in mustard color that would give this spot a bright color detail, we placed a hanging lamp above and next to it a metal table that was originally part of the living room. We like to incorporate existing furniture into the project because it gives the furniture in question one more chance and creates a link between the past and the present giving a sense of familiarity to the space.

The space was complemented with a system of wall-hung shelves. It is light to the eye and is made of solid oak.Behind the bed, our client chose a cloud wallpaper in neutral tones from Cole & Son and we placed a white directional reading lamp on each side. A built-in desk was designed to the side of the bed. This piece is also made of solid oak wood, as is the floating bureau besides it.

Enabling new workspaces in the home has been a recurring theme lately and we recommend that they always have a good entry of light, so it was placed next to the floor to ceiling partitions.

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