sindicalismo apartment


80 m2

Escandón, Ciudad de México

Project Manager:
Alonso Martínez

Mariana Achach


Interior Design Project | Furniture design and manufacture

Residential Project

We had the fortune to take on this project at a base build stage and –thanks to that –we were able to choose, along with our clients, the finishes we had in mind for their apartment and had time enough to notice the construction company beforehand.

This new 80 m2 apartment is located in the Escandón neighborhood and has a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room and a small balcony.


We faced two great challenges. The first was to ensure that the main bedroom had the largest amount of storage per ft2. To achieve this, we added two closet walls: one from floor-to-ceiling and another one over the bed, for which we needed to search for special fittings in order to provide better access to the storage in this area. The second challenge was the manufacture of the curved sofa. Being an embedded custom-made piece, it was manufactured under the strict supervision of our Implementation area, achieving a great result.

The solid color bathroom was the client's order. We looked at several brands of handmade mosaics and found these Mexican ones of an intense blue that, when contrasted with the pink joint, the handmade material seems fresher.

Despite the fact that the apartment is fair in size, it feels spacious. The height we achieved by avoiding the ceiling light was of great help and with this decision the floor-to-ceiling bookcase in the dining area takes on an important role. The light that enters from the window also helps to achieve this sensation. Finally, when visiting the already inhabited space, it was very gratifying to see how the style of our clients complements and integrates perfectly with the furniture style.