tabasco apartment


101 m2

Roma Norte, CDMX

Project Manager:
Miguel Robledo

Outdoor spaces and terraces developed in collaboration with OPA.

 Interior Design Project | Furniture Design and Manufacture 

Much of the project involved enhancing the storage spaces with hidden areas. Building under-stair closets or platforms with shallow storage space under were one of the many solutions that allowed us to maximize every single corner.We were in charge of refurbishment of the complete apartment and designed and manufactured the furniture for the kitchen, living, bedrooms and bathrooms. We collaborated with the OPA architecture office for the design and solution of the terraces.

This 140m2  duplex apartment has, on the ground floor, two terraces; a half-bath, the kitchen that includes an island, and the living room. The upper floor has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms

Manufactured elements: Sofas and ottoman, coffee table and side tables, kitchen island and kitchen design, handrail and under stairs storage, beds, bedside tables, desk, bathroom storage units, mirrors and benches. Outdoor sofa and outdoor storage unit.

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