lobby design house 2022


Lomas de Chapultepec, CDMX

David Pompa | Joselo Maderista | Mesawa

Project Manager:
 Lucia Soto | Marlon 

Mariana Achach | Jaime Navarro

Project | Design of the space

Inspired by the work of Carlo Scarpa who experiments with the contrast of light and shadow, as well as geometric shapes, we wanted to give this space an entrance with a new character; the viewer can connect through the columns from the beginning to the interior of the house, and thus maintain a constant interaction between the exterior and the interior, bringing important elements of nature; that is why we chose these tones for one of the central elements, the lattice, which welcomes you with a play of light, shadows and transparencies.

And to reinforce the exterior elements, we took on the task of bringing together tangible forms of nature in the window to configure a desert garden, which is accentuated by a hanging light fixture; this being the end of the space.