san francisco chair

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Inspired by the classic Adirondack Chair, an iconic American piece often used on porches and patios, this chair was designed upon request from a client for a residence in Healdsburg, California.

Our starting point was an abstraction of the original version, leaving only the basic geometric bodies that make up the original version: rectangular prisms and cylinders, which in our version are presented through intersections. The wood is called Huanacaxtle, a species endemic to the Mexican southeast. At the customer's request, we incorporated leather in the seat that floats attached by straps and buckles placed at the bottom, embracing the cylinder at the front. We also use leather on the cylinder to support the head.

It is worth mentioning that part of the formal and structural solutions of the chair would not have been possible without the collaboration of our master carpenters and our master upholsterers (a working group made up mostly of women) the assembly of the leg with the cylinder and the leather straps were ideas that came from them during visits to the workshop.


83 cm x 89 cm x 97 cm